Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling | Christian Counseling Ministry Inc. - Enid, OK

As Christians, we bring our faith and love forward in our counseling to help open God’s healing presence into your life. You may feel stigma or nervousness about seeking help and counseling, but God gave us all gifts and blessings, and we offer our services to help discuss the ways you can begin healing and moving forward in your life.

At our core, we believe that all professional, personal, and interpersonal stresses and anxieties are part of the soul. We center our concerns on bringing the moral foundations of Christianity into counseling – those of faith, love, forgiveness, and patience. No matter how strained and worried you may feel – no matter how sad or hopeless you feel, the ability to recognize what is going on in our lives is the first step to healing the heart wounds.

When you come to us for counseling, we promise to provide the peaceful, secure location you need in order to explore and examine your doubts and worries about yourself, your career, your marriage, your family, loved ones, and your fears in life.

When you open yourself up to our assistance, we also discuss many resources available that you may pursue outside of counseling. Perhaps there are churches and church groups where you can meet others who share your faith. We also advise to seek community activities and resources such as interest or hobby groups.

There are many journals and books we also recommend to help you read and search other perspectives that will help our sessions. Sometimes they will have spiritual stories and hints to help you, and we can discuss their meanings together.

In every step of the way, whether we meet once or many times, we offer our understanding and compassion in coping with life and retaining our faith.

There is always hope as Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."