“I don’t know if I’ve ever said it, but I want to now. THANK YOU! Thank you for ‘everything’ you have done to help me and my family. When we have been unraveling at the seams, you have helped mend us back together. I know without a doubt (my children) are where they are today because of you and your Godly counsel. I know I kept and got myself back together while seeing you. I appreciate your sensitivity to God’s voice in your counsel. It makes all the difference in the world. Please know that you hold a special place in my heart. You are and will forever remain a very special friend!” LG

“I just want to tell you how very much I appreciate your ability, your commitment, and your desire to help other people and share God’s love, grace and strength. God led me to you right when I needed your help and when I was most receptive. You are one of the most significant people in my life who has helped guide me to new understandings of the wonders of faith. Thank you so much. I am so grateful and thankful that I once again look forward to my days and I embrace the joys and beauty in my life. I love you with love of the Lord.” LB

“Thanks for all the ways you remind me of how precious your friendship is- the many times you’ve given a warm word of encouragement. The many situations when you have said, “I’ll pray about it,” and I knew you did. The way you allow me be myself, whether I am happy or sad. Whenever I need support, you are there to help out of a genuine interest and concern. More and more I realize that is just the way you are, sensitive, thoughtful, and always willing to give of yourself with warmth and generosity.” DG

“I love you for what you have done in my life! I praise Jesus for mission field work you.” MH

“I am pleased that God is using you to help the hurting People. You had a major influence on my life and I thank you for that.” GM

“There is no way to tell you how much I appreciate the influence you have had on my life. But ‘thank you’. ” God is truly amazing and he is doing wonderful things in my heart.” DC

“Thank you so much for your care and concern of our family these past few weeks. Your counseling and advice have been valuable and I appreciate all you do.” KB

“Thank you for being there, for caring, for the safe place to cry and sort out life’s harsh blows.” DC

“Steve, I am humbled by what you have done for me and I find it hard to tell in person, because it is so significant for me. I find your motivations to be honest and sincere. Rarely in my life have I been the recipient of so much beautiful generosity, openness, and positive regard. I know you are a man and must have struggles and faults, but to me you are an angel of God. Thank you for what you do for me and others. Thank you so very much for helping me to learn patience and helping me climb out of the pit to sing a glorious new song to God!!! I will be forever grateful to you and to God.” LB

“Steve, you are a inspiration to so many in the ways you live and lead your family. I am a life that has been changed by your example.” SB

“Steve, you are a true friend and a great person. We know that God blessed us through our own troubles. Be we know that he led us to you his servant to help us. Each time I think of you, I remember your acceptance, your kindness, and your patience. I also remember how freely you have shown how much you care.” MW

“Thank you” for all the help you gave to our son, and as a result, our whole family. As I reflect, it is hard to quantify the changes I have seen in my son. It is also hard to name what those changes are. If I had to use words, I would say that he is more relaxed, more trusting, comfortable at home and with family, less worried about the future. He is more happy and his personality and sense of humor are shinning through more than ever. There are just so many subtle, yet profound changes that we are so very thankful to see. Thank you very much for the part you played in that and for giving me encouragement when I needed it most.” PK

“Thank you for helping and listening to me during a difficult time in my life. I thank God everyday.” GM

“Steve, you are a true reflection of God’s love in many ways. I thank God for your friendship and your witness to ‘all’ you come in contact with. Keep up the Good work.” VR

“I know I have told you thanks but I felt I needed to let you know that your name is on my grateful list. I am grateful for you and your ministry. I may not always like what you make me face up to but I am grateful and have expressed gratitude to God for you. You are a good encourager even to a failure like me! (Ha).” BR

“Steve, thank you for being there for me during the roughest times of my life. While my husband was gone and while my diabetes got out of hand. There has not been a whole lot of people who care enough to listen to a ‘crazy’ woman. Anyway, I just want you to know you were appreciated. “ GG

“Steve, with your soft, kind and gentle voice, you bring encouragement.
When nothing’s left of me, all my energy is spent.
You prove your trust, even when I don’t take,
You show you care, that my life is at stake.
I cry and cry, you don’t ask why, you say it’s ok, so I sigh.
In these crazy holiday times, I would like to just be a mime.
But it’s the silence and fear, that brings all the tears.
You don’t give up, when I wear my mask.
No one has ever noticed, I’m really glad you asked.
For I try to work hard, and get better each day.
Because my kids deserve better, than me staying this way.
So please don’t give up, don’t let me push you away.
I ask this of God, each day when I pray.
I know God has sent me to you, because you’re safe and secure.
As His servant, Thanks for being there to help me endure.”